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Meet Our Pets


(Amber's dog)

Arrow is a Border Collie/Lab mix.  She loves having a job to do and always wants to stay busy.  She runs with kids riding bikes and playing outside.  If there is nothing else to do she will chase shadows and reflections on sunny days.  In the winter she loves to run on our treadmill to stay active.


(Powell Dental's fish)

Fish likes to swim around and eat algae cookies. She usually hides in the rocks when people are around. Don't take offense she is just a bit shy.

Brew & Duke

(Corinn's dogs)

Brew likes to chew on cardboard boxes and hang out with his dog buddies. He loves the water as much as his mom does.


(Nora's dog)

Mae likes taking long naps, snoring and playing at the dog park.  When she isn't napping she likes to bark at delivery drivers.


(Aliesha's dog)

Rooney is a puppy. He loves to do all the puppy stuff, like being cute, biting, chewing and playing with toys.


(Katherine's cat)

Ava likes to play with her toys, and cuddle her mom. Her favorite hobby is to bird watch. 




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