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Ryan R. Blair, DMD 

At Powell Dental, PC, we understand that straighter teeth are not only more aesthetically pleasing but are generally healthier than those that are crowded or misaligned. Gaps in the smile can attract leftover food particles that generate decay and issues with your bite can lead to grinding, discomfort, and even painful TMJ symptoms. An aligned bite provides proper function and comfort, while a uniform smile exposes more surface area for your toothbrush to reach, leading to cleaner teeth.

Dr. Ryan Blair, is committed to providing top-quality orthodontic care for kids and adults who can benefit from a straighter smile.

Traditional and Clear Aligners

Powell Dental offers different options for orthodontic treatment, from traditional metal brackets to clear aligners.


Traditional Metal and Porcelain Braces 

The difference between traditional braces and aligners is that you cannot remove traditional braces yourself. You'll have to wear them during your entire treatment, and only the dentist can remove them after treatment. Tightening or repositioning occurs to move the teeth into the desired position. We can also customize braces with multi-colored elastics or use porcelain brackets on the upper front teeth for those who prefer.

Braces are ideal for treating problems from crowding to complex bite issues. Combined with palate expanding and jaw realigning appliances.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are used to gain a straighter smile in a discreet manner. Powell Dental offers Invisalign® as the option for clear aligners. 

We provides clear aligners, as an effective and virtually invisible method of teeth-straightening. Our patients are given transparent trays that are custom-molded, removable, and comfortable. Trays are worn for an average of two weeks and then replaced with a new aligner, each moving you closer to your ideal smile. Clear braces can treat mild to moderately complex alignment and bite issues.

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