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Explore Orthodontics in Portland with Dr. Blair

At Powell Dental, PC, we know that straighter teeth lead to healthier teeth, as well as an aesthetic smile. To help patients get the smiles of their dreams, our Portland orthodontic practice offers a number of choices for orthodontic treatment. From traditional metal braces for children and teens, to cosmetic braces and clear aligner therapy for adult patients, we treat an array of orthodontic problems while maximizing your ease and comfort. 

Transforming Smiles with Traditional Orthodontics in Portland

Metal braces the gold standard in conservatively straightening your teeth for healthy and beautiful new smiles. Dr. Blair frequently recommends traditional metal braces for teenage patients for the following reasons:

Treatment is Not Affected by Patient Compliance:  Because braces are bonded to the surface of teeth, they are always working to correct patients’ smiles – there’s no need to worry that your children will forget to re-insert their orthodontic appliance after meals. Braces are the most consistently reliable way for young patients to get the smiles they want.

Full Orthodontics for Almost any Problem: Braces are ideal in treating problems from crowding to bite defects like under-bite and cross bite. Coupled with palate expanding and jaw realigning orthodontic appliances, our Portland orthodontist can ensure that your child’s final smile will be aesthetically and functionally ideal.  

For our teenage patients, braces are a rite of passage to for which to be excited. We can customize braces with multi-colored bands to help make treatment more suited to your child’s tastes. At Powell Dental, PC we embrace the effectiveness and dependability of full orthodontics as the most straight-forward way to help you or your child achieve a smile that is healthy and beautiful.  

Choices for Cosmetic Braces: Invisalign®, Clear Correct, and Six Month Smiles 

For adult patients dealing with minor to moderate problems, we offer the convenience of tooth-colored and invisible braces in Portland. Our patients can choose from Invisalign®, Clear Correct®, and Six Month Smiles® to achieve their goals discreetly. 

Clear Aligner Therapy – With this method of teeth-straightening, patients are given transparent plastic trays that are custom-molded, removable, and comfortable. Trays are worn for an average of two weeks and then traded for a new aligner, each moving you closer to your ideal smile. Powell Dental, PC provides clear braces through your choice of Invisalign® or Clear Correct. 

Tooth-Colored BracesSix Month Smiles get its name from the average length of treatment time; these braces work the same as traditional braces except that the brackets are tooth-colored ceramic, not noticeable metal. These cosmetic braces treat mild to moderate alignment issues in less time by focusing on treating aesthetic issues, like gaps and crowding, instead of severe functional problems. 

Learn More about Getting Straight Teeth with Braces 

Dr. Blair helps dental pages of all ages get straight and healthy smiles with orthodontics in Portland. Contact Powell Dental, PC today to schedule your orthodontic consultation, so we can help you achieve all of your smile goals with treatments befitting your lifestyle and needs.